07 November, 2015

Undead Cursed Pharaoh - Kings of War

Hi fellow Nerds,

as Mantic´s Kings of War brings loads of new opportunities for my undead army, I checked my Bitzbox and found an interesting piece of the Games Workshop Vampire Counts Mortarch Kit: Arkhan the Black. From the kit I´ve only used Manfred von Carstein so far as my Vampire on dragon.

In repositioning the legs, Arkhan has been the perfect fit for the army slot of the Cursed Pharao in the Undead army list.

I painted the model with lots of weathering effects (dust, rust, verdigris) to give it the look of being centuries old. Hope you like it.

24 October, 2015

Vampire Counts Blood Knights - Kings of War!

Hi folks,

after a long break from the hobby, mainly because Games Workshop killed Warhammer Fantasy and took any motivation away from me to paint or even get some games in, I finally went back to some painting. What brought me back and has been my personal light at the end of the tunnel, was Mantics Kings of War 2nd Edition! What a great game, it is not just an alternative to Warhammer, it´s even better!
As a quick summary:
- Mass-battle feeling
- You can use your Warhammer models and rules are free.
- Quick and very tactical to play
- More about the game than the rules!
- Loads of fun!

As a Warhammer veteran there is actually no reason NOT to try it out!

In expanding my Warhammer Vampire Counts army to Kings of Wars Undead army, I´ve built and painted an unit of Blood Knights. The models are from Games Workshop but I´ve also used some heads from hero vampire models for more variety.


The next project, already been started, is the Vampire Lord on an Undead Dragon!

26 May, 2015

Vampire Counts Morghast Harbingers aka Skin Wolves from Forgeworld

For a coming tournament I speed-painted these Skin Wolves from Forgeworld which I´m gonna use as Morghast Harbingers.

I really love these models and always wanted to use them anyhow. With the Warhammer Endtimes Nagash book and the Morghast release I directly knew how I could integrate the Skin Wolves to my Vampire Counts army! Also I really don´t like the original Morghast models from Games Workshop.

17 May, 2015

Vampire Counts Varghulf - Repaint

I just finished the Repaint of my Vampire Counts Varghulf. I decided to repaint it because the paintjob was hardly damaged after several years of Wargaming and it wasn´t really that well :)

Hope you like it!

09 May, 2015

Mourngul - quick & dirty!

Hi there,

just finished my Mourngul from Forgeworld. I´m going to play it in my Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts army. Tried to paint him like the nightmare it is - bloody, dark and dirty. Hope you like it!

"Dreadful tales are told around huddled fires of those lost in the killing cold of a mountain winter, driven by famine and pain to hunt their own companions and former friends for their meat and the warmth of their blood. There is no salvation for these damned souls, for the horrors in which they indulge cannot save them and they become things neither dead nor alive, condemned to an eternity of empty hunger and terrible isolation. 

Spite, desperation and malice force these thrice-damned creatures to linger beyond death, the most insidious and destructive winds of magic coiling about them to warp and twist their cadavers into inhuman proportions. Soon they become something neither ghost nor revenant – a Mourngul; a monstrous razor-thin shadow of cold flesh and cracked bone with a gaping maw of needle-teeth and a cavernous stomach that hangs open like a dreadful wound."